Pot Shops vs. Pill Mills

We don’t have to wonder what our future would look like with legalized marijuana, we can look to the current states that have established “medical” marijuana programs to get a glimpse of how legalized marijuana would impact our state.

Remember Pill Mills?

Florida became the epicenter of the nation’s prescription drug epidemic when criminal doctors took advantage of Florida’s lax laws on pain clinic operations. Individuals from across the southeastern states came to Florida by buses and planes, infamously called the Oxy-Cotin Express. Known for our sunny beaches, endless orange groves and exotic Everglades, our postcard image was tarnished by pill mills and “vacationers” bringing home prescription bottles as their souvenirs.

Legislative efforts and county measures have been successful in shutting down the pill mills but Florida is still recovering from this grim reputation.

The last thing we want is to replace pill mills with pot shops.

  • Dispensaries are easy marks for criminal activities because of valuable marijuana crops and large amounts of cash.
  • Operators of dispensaries have been attacked and murdered by armed criminals both at their storefronts and at home.
  • Common consequences related to dispensaries include: drug dealing, sales to minors, loitering, diversion of marijuana from “patients” to our youth, public marijuana consumption, increased traffic accidents and driving under the influence arrests, and the loss of other commercial businesses who don’t want to be located in the vicinity of marijuana dispensaries.
  • Over 200 cities and 14 counties in California have banned or passed a moratorium on pot shops. This number speaks volumes about what happens when communities are enlightened as to what pot shops really bring to their communities-more illegal drug use and more crime.